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Guided Tour: Other Routing Options

MileCharter supports all of Caliper® Maptitude®'s routing options. Here are some examples.

Distances calculated with different methods

Fastest and Shortest Distances

This guided tour has used the fastest road distances. Caliper Maptitude and MileCharter can also find the shortest road distances and straight line (great circle) distances. This table shows distances for the rate table example calculated using the different methods. These have been cut & pasted together for comparison purposes. As can be seen, there is quite a bit of variation between the different methods.

MileCharter's Road Speed Dialog Box

Changing the Road Speeds

Maptitude supports significantly more road types than MapPoint. For example, the USA Country Pack has 24 road types. MileCharter allows you to set the road speeds for all of these road types using the Road Speeds dialog box (see right).

These speeds are only used in the final travel time calculation. At this time (November 2014), they cannot be used to influence Maptitude's routing algorithm. This is likely to change in the near future if Caliper implement the required functionality.

MileCharter can adjust the road speeds with absolute speeds (e.g. "All Interstates are 70mph") or as a relative adjustment of the existing Maptitude speeds (e.g. "increase all Interstate speeds by +10%). These speeds and the road costs can be saved to a road parameter file. This allows a speed and/or cost profile to be shared between projects and colleages. The same road parameter file is also supported by our MPMileage for Maptitude product.

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