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Guided Tour: Selection Sets and other locations

The previous example used MileCharter to find distances between cities. MileCharter can find distances between locations in any Maptitude point layer. These locations can be cities, zipcodes / postcodes, street addresses, geographic coordinates, businesses, customers, etc. The only constraint is that they have to be within an area of the globe covered by your current data pack's street database.

Maptitude map with a selection set of all cities in the US with a population greater than one million

Using MileCharter with Selection Sets

MileCharter can also be used with Maptitude Selection Sets. Selection sets are simply a subset of a data view (e.g. layer) that meet a certain criteria. This could be as simple as being manually selected by the user.

In this example we are using a selection set based on the Maptitude Populated Places layer. The selection set is called Cities>1million and consists of all locations in the Populated Places layer with a population greater than one million. The selection set theme has been set to be displayed with large red stars.

Screenshot of the MileCharter panel

Here is the MileCharter panel, set as before. The Show Selection Sets checkbox has been set, to ensure that all selection sets are included in the location lists. We have selected Populated Place: Cities>1million, i.e. the Cities>1million selection set in the Populated Place layer. As before, we have requested a 'lower triangle' chart (without duplicates) of distances and travel times, using Excel for output.

The calculated distances between the cities in the selection set

Here are the results.

MileCharter can work with any point data layer. As can be seen here, this includes the Maptitude-supplied 'base' data.

Next, we look at a business application: finding distances from multiple offices to a new customer.

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