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Guided Tour: Other Options

MPMileCharter supports all of Microsoft® MapPoint®'s routing options. Here are some examples.

Avoid Area covering San Francisco and southern Oakland

Avoid Areas

Avoid Areas can be easily used with MPMileCharter. Here we use the data from the rate table example. Our depot is in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we wish to avoid San Francisco and southern Oakland due to known traffic problems. These areas are defined as Avoid Areas in Microsoft MapPoint and are shaded yellow. Define an Avoid Area by drawing a rectangle, then selecting it with the right mouse button and select Avoid Area.

Distances to customers with and without the Avoid Area

These are the new distances from MPMileCharter. The new distances and the original distances have been combined with a simple cut & paste for comparison purposes. Notice how the new distances to San Rafael and Oakland have both increased significantly. This is due to detour around southern Oakland. The distance to Eureka has also increased.

Distances to customers with and without the Avoid Area

Fastest and Shortest Distances

This guided tour has used the fastest road distances. Microsoft MapPoint and MPMileCharter can also find the shortest road distances and straight line (great circle) distances. This table shows distances for the rate table example calculated using the different methods. These have been cut & pasted together for comparison purposes. As can be seen, there's quite a bit of variation between the different methods.

MPMileCharter also supports Microsoft MapPoint's preferred road options. In fact, MPMileCharter supports all of MapPoint's routing options.

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