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Guided Tour: Only Reporting the Closest Options

As well as finding the distances and times to all possible destinations, MPMileCharter can be told to report only the closest. This facility is only available with the Professional License.

Example data map in the Chicago area

Find the Closest Customers

In this example, we have a number of sales offices in Illinois and Indiana (yellow dots). We also have a number of new customers (red flags). To help our customers find the closest sales locations, we wish to find the three closest sales offices to each customer. Distances should be measured using route distances, and not straight-line 'as the crow flies' distances which are unrealistic.

MPMileCharter panel for finding the three closest offices

Starting MPMileCharter

This screenshot shows the main MPMileCharter panel set to perform this calculation.

As well as only finding the three closest customers, we only want to show sales offices that are reasonably close to each customer. We have set the limits to 50 miles and 70 minutes.

Results: The three closest offices to each customer

The Results

Here are the resulting distances and closest sales offices. Note that one of the customers has only two sales office which meet the 50 miles and 70 minutes criteria.

These sales offices can then be quickly listed, in order of proximity.

Next, we look at using the 'find closest' functionality to check if a competitor's stores represent signficant competition.

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