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Create Mileage Charts with Microsoft MapPoint®

MPMileCharter for MapPoint Benefits...

Find the distances between lots of locations in minutes instead of hours!
Calculate your route costs for hundreds of customers!

MileCharter for MapPoint Example Table of Mileages to Customers Example of finding only the closest destinations

If you are already using Microsoft® MapPoint®, you know how much trouble it is to calculate various distances and travel times to reach your customers in time. Use MPMileCharter to take the pain out of these calculations. Process hundreds of source and destination locations accurately in minutes with a few mouse clicks.

MPMileCharter is a tool that calculates mileage tables and charts, and is available as an add-in for Microsoft MapPoint. The results are written directly into a spreadsheet or a text file. MPMileCharter will also compute estimated travel times and costs. It supports all of Microsoft MapPoint's routing options, as well as all geographic editions of Microsoft MapPoint from 2006 onwards.

Benefits include:

  • Save time by automatically performing large numbers of route calculations.
  • Quickly determine the route distances and estimated travel times between large numbers of pushpins.
    • Calculate distances and costs for each of your depots to serve each of your customers.
  • Quickly match source locations with their closest destination locations.
    • Match your customers to your closest sales locations.
  • Calculated estimated costs using your rate table.
    • Different per-mile rates can be applied to different distance ranges.

In order to provide these benefits, MPMileCharter supports a wide range of features. See our Guided Tour to see how it works. If you are new to Microsoft MapPoint, then try our Walkthrough for Microsoft MapPoint Beginners page. This gives step-by-step instructions for starting Microsoft MapPoint, adding locations, and then running MPMileCharter.

MPMileCharter Professional

MPMileCharter has two levels of licensing: Basic and Professional. The Professional license adds a number of features including the ability to find and sort only the closest destinations, and to pause/restart processing. The MPMileCharter Versions page summarizes the differences between the two licenses.

Free Trial

Click here for a free 14 day trial of MPMileCharter. The trial version must be registered if you wish to use it beyond the 14 day trial period. MPMileCharter licenses can be purchased from our purchase page, with prices starting at US$60 for the basic license. Other purchase options (including CD-ROM) are also available.

Please use our online documentation or contact form for MPMileCharter support.

MileCharter for Maptitude

Considering Microsoft have announced the end of their MapPoint product line, we are recommending that our customers move to Caliper's Maptitude product.

MileCharter is also available as an add-in for Caliper®'s Maptitude® product.

Ultra MileCharter

MileCharter has now been released for the extremely fast Ultra Mileage system. Further details can be found on the Ultra Mileage website.