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Additional Output Fields

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In addition to writing each location's name and coordinates, MileCharter can optionally write other data fields. These are listed on the main panel below the Name/Identifier fields:




Change these fields by pressing the Change Output Fields button to display the Output Fields dialog box:




This has two sets of data fields: those for the start locations at the top, and those for the finish locations at the bottom. All available (and unused) data fields are in the lists on the left. Selected fields for output are in the lists on the right. Use the < > arrow buttons to move selected fields from one list to another. Alternatively, press Clear to remove all output fields


A warning will appear if you select more than five data fields for output. The output worksheet will generally become harder to read with large numbers of data fields, therefore we recommend to keep these fields to a minimum. The actual choice of five for the warning is a little arbitrary.


Press OK when you have selected the required output fields.


Here is an example output with additional output fields: