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Introduction to MileCharter for Maptitude

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Winwaed Software Technology LLC


MileCharter for Maptitude®

Create Mileage Charts with Maptitude®


MileCharter is an add-in utility for Caliper Maptitude that calculates mileage charts. Output can include travel times and estimated costs, as well as route distances. Charts can be created to/from point data views and/or selected groups of points. Charts can be produced using the fastest, shortest, or direct straight-line distances. Output is written to either a text file or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The Professional Edition of MileCharter also includes the facility to only report the fastest or shortest routes.


MileCharter requires a PC running Windows 7, 8, or 10; Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0; and Caliper Maptitude 2017 or later.


This help file contains the following contact, license, and purchasing information:


Contact Winwaed Software Technology LLC

License Agreement

MileCharter Editions and Purchasing

Revision History


Four examples are provided for first time users:


Example: Finding Distances Between Cities (requires Maptitude's USA data pack)

Example: Using a Selection Set (requires Maptitude's USA data pack)

Example: Finding only the Three Closest Stores to each Customer (requires Maptitude's USA data pack)

Example: Finding Distances and Costs from Depots to Customers (requires Maptitude's UK data pack)


The following pages describe specific aspects of MileCharter's operation:


Selecting the Start and End Points


Additional Output Fields

Output Options

Duplicate Routes

Computing the Mileage Chart

Reporting only the Quickest or Closest Destinations

Setting the Road Speeds

Rate Table Properties

Types of Rate Table

Road Parameters

Setting Road Costs

Writing to a Text File

Conditional Output

Wide Tables in Excel

Pausing MPMileCharter

Notes for Speed


In addition, there is a glossary: