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Pausing MileCharter

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The Professional license of MileCharter has the ability to pause a computation run, and then continue it at a later date. MileCharter, Maptitude, and the PC can all be closed down between the pause and the restart. When MileCharter is in a paused state, it cannot be used for another run without resetting the paused run first.


During computation, MileCharter will display the Pause button on the Progress form:




Press this Pause button to pause computation. If you have selected Excel for output, MileCharter will present you with the standard Windows File Selection dialog box so that you can the Excel file to store the partially-computed workbook. This workbook must not be changed, moved, or deleted before computation is restarted. The text file option will save the partially-computed data to the previously selected text files.


When you restart MileCharter, the main panel will appear with most of the controls disabled:




The Start button has been renamed Restart. Press this to restart processing of the paused processing run. The paused run can also be canceled by pressing Cancel.