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Reporting only the Quickest or Closest Destinations

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In normal operation, MileCharter usually reports all mileages for all destinations. Often a user is only interested in the closest destinations. The Professional edition of MileCharter has the ability to report only the closest (or fastest) N destinations. For example, you can ask MileCharter to only report the three closest destinations for each source location. The reported destinations can also be restricted to all destinations within a fixed route distance and/or travel time.


To limit the reported destinations, set the Only report shortest/quickest routes checkbox on the main panel. This will enable the Shortest/Quickest Route Options. Set the number of required locations in the Find the closest locations box.  The distance and travel time limits can be switched on by selecting the two checkboxes to the right, and by entering the distance and/or time limits.


The following is an example table (using the data from the Chicago example) when the Rank routes in ascending order checkbox is cleared. This results in a conventional chart, but many of the data cells will be empty because they do not meet the requested criteria:




The same data can also be sorted, so that the closest destinations are listed first. Do this by setting the Rank routes in ascending order check box. The resulting table will look like this:




This 'find closest' functionality is typically a lot faster than the conventional MileCharter usage where all routes are calculated. This is because MileCharter is clever enough to only compute those routes which have a chance of meeting the constraints and being better than those that have already been found. It will also prioritize the routes, so that the ones which are most likely to be the closest, are calculated first.