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Revision History

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v1.9, Release Date: 25th March 2019


Ability to select multiple output data fields

Ability to add simple conditions as to exactly which routes are calculated

"Layer.Field" names are shorted to just "Field" where the layer is obvious

Improved quality (but slower) scan of Maptitude road speeds.

Scan of the United Kingdom and Ireland country pack now uses mph instead of kph.



v1.8, Release Date: 24th September 2018


Support added for the Western Europe country pack, including default road speeds. Road speeds also added for the France country pack.



v1.7, Release Date: 4th December 2017


Bug fix: Fixes 'single threaded' exception seen with older versions of Maptitude.

Bug fix: Incorrect calculation for rate table over intervals



v1.6, Release Date: 28th August 2017


Improvement: Default road speeds added for "United Kingdom & Ireland".



v1.5, Release Date: 13th February 2017


Disables Maptitude 2017 progress window "flashes". Primarily a cosmetic issue.

Improved dialog box sizing for certain screen sizes



v1.4, Release Date: 3rd February 2016


Support for Maptitude 2016, and Maptitude 2016's updated street databases.



v1.3, Release Date: 5th October 2015


Improvement: Speed status (overridden or not) is now displayed on the main panel

Improvement: Excel output speed-ups. Although, small, the end-effect is dramatic for straight-line route calculations.

Improvement: Full support for 32 bit Maptitude.

Improvement: Default road speeds added for: Germany.

Bug Fix: The"per road type" cost mechanism is now disabled for straight line route calculations.




v1.2, Release Date: 11th May 2015


New feature: Ability to modify road speeds with a ± percentage of the Maptitude defaults.

New feature: Ability to define a cost 'road table' as a single fixed cost per unit distance.

New feature: Ability to define road costs by road type.

New feature: Ability to load and save all road parameters (speeds, percentage speeds, and costs). These road type parameter files will also be usable with the next version of MPMileage for Maptitude.

Improvement: Available data views are limited to only those in the current map.

Improvement: Output cost worksheet and file now renamed to "cost" and "_c" respectively.

Bug fix: When in edit mode, the road speed table now loses the focus correctly.

Bug fix: Progress Form should not start with the focus applied to the Stop button (pressing return could accidentally stop the processing).



v1.1, Release Date: 16th February 2015


New feature: Ability to limit the list of available data views to user-created data views

Bug fix: Intelligent error produced when MileCharter is started without a map or a Street layer



v1.0, Release Date: 19th November 2014


Initial Maptitude version.

Default road speeds defined for: Canada, Netherlands, UK, USA