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Example: Finding Distances Between Cities

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This tutorial shows you how to use MileCharter to produce the following table between a group of cities in Texas and a group of cities in Louisiana:




The input data has two points for Plano separated by about a mile - hence the apparent duplicate entry. The source data file used in this demonstration is called TXLA.xls and consists of two worksheets: Texas Cities and Louisiana Cities. It can be found in the MileCharter examples file:


It is assumed that you are familiar with basic Maptitude operations. Import these two worksheets into Maptitude as data views. This can be performed using the Create-a-Map Wizard or File->Add on the main menu. The resulting map will look something like this:




Roads have been hidden for clarity. Also for clarity, the TexasCities layer has been given a red star theme, and the LouisianaCities layer has been give a blue star theme.


You can now start MileCharter from the Tools->Add-ins... menu in Maptitude. MileCharter will look like this:




Select the "TexasCities" view from the Routes start from list box, and the "LouisianaCities" view from the Routes finish at list box. Select appropriate identifiers for the resulting spreadsheet. Both input worksheets had a column called "City" that contained the city name. This will have been imported as "<DataView>.City". Select this city field for both the start and end identifier fields.


Press Compute to start the chart calculation. An instance of Excel will be created. You may bring this to the foreground if you want to watch the results being written to the workbook, but do not edit the sheet until the calculations have finished.


For a variation of this, you can use MileCharter to create a triangular table as used in road atlases. To do this, select the same layer (or selection set) for both the start and finish locations. Use the Duplicates setting to control the behavior of Duplicate Routes.


The next example demonstrates the use of a selection set with MileCharter to compute a mileage table from one city to many cities.