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Conditional Output

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The Professional License also allows the optional of conditional output. Basically you can apply a simple logic expression to determine if a route should be calculated. For example, you could have territories served by depots. If each customer had a data field with an assigned territory name, then you could tell MileCharter to only calculate a route when the customer's territory matched the depot with the same territory. This can greatly process calculation speeds by avoiding the calculation of unnecessary routes.


Here is an example of this kind of conditional output where we have told MileCharter to only calculate routes when the two Group fields match:




This functionality is controlled by the Conditional Output box on the right:




This is enabled by checking the Apply Conditional Output button. The current expression is displayed in the box, and a label will say if it is valid or not. Note that if you change one of the input data layers, the expression might become invalid due to a change in the available field names. Press the Change button to change the expression and display the Conditional Expression dialog box:




The expression has three parts: left operand, operator, and right operand. The operands are the values - typically data fields. The operator determines how the values are to be compared. Typically this will be '=' for equals, but you can also perform greater than / less than comparisons as well as 'not equals' (<>).


The left operand is taken from the source location.


The right operand is taken from the destination location, or it can be a fixed constant value. Set the Data Field check box to use a destination data field. Clear it if you wish to enter a constant. If you enter a constant, a small label to the right of the constant will specify whether it is an integer (whole number), floating point (fraction), or text.


Select the required operands and operator, and the complete conditional expression will be displayed in the box at the bottom.


The OK button will be enabled when a valid expression has been selected. Press OK or Cancel to return to the main panel.